Day 7 -9. The beginning of the end.

Its funny how things happen.

Back in 2016, when we first established Pure Mill Chocolate, we were adamant about only using Cocoa from Peru, South America. Maybe it’s because that’s where our story in cocoa began. Or simply because it’s what we knew. This was the bean that made us fall in love. However, it wasn’t until we got a special visit from Brian at the 2019 Brisbane Regional Flavors event that changed our chocolate making world!

Brian was kind enough to bring us several bags of magical beans from different farmers in the Solomon Islands. We loved them so much that we ended up using both the Peruvian and the Solomon. But I must say, nothing else compared to the nutty, slightly spiced Solomon beans, and before we knew it, we had converted to only using these beans. This led us to go on our wild adventure to the Islands with Brian, on a mission to help the farmers get their organic certification. Not easy, nor cheap for them. But completely worth it.

But back to the story..

We have just left Waimarie, it was a very long and hot drive, and this time I decided to ride in the back of the Ute. And honestly I am so very very sad. I didn’t realise you can fall so deeply in love with a place and the people until I came here, and I am just not ready to leave. The incredible jungle, the stunning beaches, the kind hearted people, the organic fresh food. No internet, no technology. But we have to get back to the city as there are more things to do before flying back to Australia, not before our last serving of banana ice cream and a fresh coconut of course!


The last few days are spent doing paperwork. We enjoy the time to reflect and I am excited to see what the new year is going to hold, for the farmers, the certification, and Pure Mill Chocolate.

It’s been an unforgettable journey. A very special thank you goes to Brian, for being so generous and introducing us to a new world of cocoa, the Solomon Islands and to the best beans we have tasted.

To Kathe from NASAA Organic, for being so enthusiastic, kind-hearted and passionate about organic farming, the people, and answering (still to this day) our millions of questions.

To the farmers, and to Henry senior and Junior, to Lenard, Rebecca, and all the beautiful people we met. It was such a pleasure and your hospitality and love will not be forgotten.

So this is the end of one adventure, but the beginning of another.
Next stop, San Francisco!

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  • Raphael

    What an adventure! Reading it certainly sounded as though it was much longer than 9 days. Well done on caring and doing whatever it takes to help the farmers get organic certification. Look forward to reading your next adventure in San Francisco.

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