Some factory space and chocolatey updates!

Its official.

Every day we are making tiny wins in our business - the latest: we have just moved production into a shared factory space on the coast. One step closer to owning and operating one of our own!

For the past few months, I’ve been searching for commercial space to double as a retail space and chocolate education centre. This space came up from a business problem solving session as part of the GrowCoastal course. It happens to be perfect for what we need right now, and while we probably wont ever be able to conduct factory tours, we can still start thinking of our chocolate making and tasting workshops. The space needs a bit of work to be brought to life, as well as some upscaled machinery, including a larger roaster, a new winnower, and maybe some more stone melengers, as we still use just two small benchtop ones.

In other chocolatey news: We have upgraded our bars to larger sizes and phased our small ones out. If you know chocolate, you’ll know the form can affect the flavour and experience. This new mould has one million times improved our bars and we are so in love with them!.

We are also currently working with a GREAT designer who is doing a rebranding for Pure Mill Chocolate and is professionally upgrading our packaging, which we have needed for so long! We cant wait to see the outcome!

More good news - we are pleased to announce that we will be stocked in Whites IGA and will be doing an opening day at the new store in Baringa. So come down for some free chocolate samples – date TBA, will keep you updates.


After some problems with sourcing Australian suppliers and becoming stuck more than once, we realised there was a need for a chocolate making community. So we made one. We have founded the Australian Chocolate Makers Association, and already have conversations happening with the top Bean to Bar makers who are keen to connect, learn from, and inspire one-another. We really do rise together.

All sounds exciting right?! We are proud of these small achievements and love sharing this with you all. Stay tuned for more exciting updates on our progress here and on Instagram.

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  • Raphael

    Great update. Kicking goals on many levels!

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