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The ‘Feel Good’ business of chocolate

There's a growing awareness and demand for feel good products. Ethical and environmental issues are driving people to make more mindful choices that match their values, and chocolate is no exception. More people are seeking brands who embrace transparency, social, ethical and environmental responsibility, which is just another reason why project Organic Certified Cocoa is so important. But I'll get to that in the next blog post, which is day three, after the first NAASA certification session.    It’s the early morning of day two in the Solomon Islands. Stepping out of the hotel room, the water can be seen dazzling in the distance with sunlit turquoise and emerald hues. Its absolutely stunning. We get our coffee and a fresh...

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Welcome to the Solomon Islands

We have landed. A wave of heat and humidity hits us as we exit the plane. It's my first time in the Solomon Islands, a beautiful nation of hundreds of pristine islands in the South Pacific.  I'm here with Brian, the founder of Makira Gold, a privately funded Cacao Social Enterprise dedicated to enabling cacao farming communities in the Solomon Islands. Brian, half Australian and half Solomon Islander, is on a mission, and I'm here to help.  His vision is to provide economic opportunities for the impoverished rural community in this home village on Makira Island, and to strengthen the Solomon Islands specialty cacao industry.   So project Organic Certified Cocoa begins!   There is an increased demand and a growing...

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A story of sustainability and taste.

The new Solomon Island range from Pure Mill is a collection of single estate chocolates – born from Millie’s strong sense of social responsibly to improve the Islands cocoa industry and remove the walls that traditionally separate farmer from the consumer.   

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Some factory space and chocolatey updates!

Its official. Every day we are making tiny wins in our business - the latest: we have just moved production into a shared factory space on the coast. One step closer to owning and operating one of our own! For the past few months, I’ve been searching for commercial space to double as a retail space and chocolate education centre. This space came up from a business problem solving session as part of the GrowCoastal course. It happens to be perfect for what we need right now, and while we probably wont ever be able to conduct factory tours, we can still start thinking of our chocolate making and tasting workshops. The space needs a bit of work to be...

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