We make our chocolate from scratch, cacao bean-to-chocolate bar, on the Sunshine Coast, QLD.
Chocolate that’s about more than chocolate.

Pure Mill Chocolate was founded by environmental scientist, nutritionist and surfer Millie Mae, who, in 2013, discovered and became captivated by cocoa and chocolate making while working on a climate change research project in Ecuador. She purchased a small table top stone grinder used for grinding spices and got to work, spending hours endlessly testing chocolate beans and new flavour combinations. Once she was satisfied, she built her own chocolate cart and headed to the local farmers market. 

And that's how Pure Mill Chocolate came to be. 


Our Mission
To Craft the best bean-to-bar chocolate - that's delicious, environmentally sustainable and connects you to the source. 


Organic Agriculture.
It’s important that our chocolates are produced without harming our planet and with sustainability in mind. We pay premium prices for high-quality, organically grown ingredients. 


The Bean to Bar Craft.
Craft chocolate is the best chocolate, which is made from scratch with unthinkable care. We complete our chocolate making process with our own individual and unique methods. This includes keeping our processing minimal, developing precise temperatures and timings to extract and enhance our personal flavour.


Building connection.
Today, you can find cocoa trees across the world, but we fell in love with the culture, the people and the cocoa from the beautiful island of Makira, in the Solomon Islands. Our chocolate connects you with origin. Every bar you purchase helps to support small farms across the island. 


Chocolate for health. 
Chocolate releases endorphins to boost your mood, enhances cognitive function and even strengthens your teeth! Good quality, high cocoa chocolate is a functional, health-boosting food. We take pride in making a healthful and pure form of chocolate, which is organic, vegan, low GI, gluten-free, soy-free, and refined sugar-free.