Chocolate can - and should - have distinction, complexity, tone and an unexpected flavor.


How is your chocolate healthy?

We craft our bars with organic, lightly roasted Criollo cacao from Peru. This variety is rich, bold and full of the unique flavours that we love, and contains all the health-boosting flavanols and antioxidant properties that make eating chocolate good for you. We use minimal amounts of mineral rich Panela sugar, and even add in health boosting ingredients. We dont use dairy, soy and our bars are gluten free.

Cacao Vs Cocoa

The term cacao is used in the chocolate industry to indicate the tree Theobroma cacao, its cultivation, and the raw, unprocessed products that come from it. Once the cacao pod is opened, the beans are fermented, heated and processed, and it becomes cocoa.  

How should I store Pure Mill Chocolates? 

Keep chocolate bars in cool (preferably stored at a constant temperature of 20 °C) conditions. Refrigeration is the best storage option in summer. 

My chocolate looks chalky or powdery. 

Even though our products are tempered, at times the cacao and cocoa butter can separate in chocolate bars, resulting in a chalky/powdery look on the top. This is a natural process called blooming, and occurring in products free from soy lecithin, which binds them together.

If your chocolate that has been transported in warmer conditions and has not been kept at proper temperatures, you may find that a fat or sugar bloom has occurred. This looks like the chocolate has a grey or sandy looking coating on it, which is just the cocoa butter rising to the surface of our chocolate, or the sugars absorbing the moisture from the surrounding area.

Don’t worry, the taste and quality of the chocolate are intact, it just looks a little different! 

Is your chocolate gluten-free? 

All our products are made with gluten-free ingredients. However, they are made in a facility that processes gluten, so we cannot guarantee that there is no gluten cross-contamination.

Is your cacao fair trade? 

We use ethically sourced cacao from Peru.

Why organic? 

Certified organic foods are grown without the use of synthetic pesticides/herbicides (not very environmentally friendly!) and do not have artificial food additives, such as preservatives, artificial sweeteners, colourings or flavourings. It’s important for us to reduce /avoid the exposure to these harmful chemicals, which is why we use only certified organic products.

Why do you use panel sugar in your chocolates?

For health. We use organic, mineral rich panela sugar to naturally sweeten our chocolates. It has a high nutritional quality and antioxidant capacity, so we love it as a healthful alternative to raw sugar and white sugar, which are highly refined and lacking in nutritional value.

Several studies have demonstrated the important beneficial health effects of unrefined sugars and their precursor products. These beneficial effects include immunological, antitoxic, cytoprotective, and anticarciogenic activities, as well as the prevention of diabetes and hypertension (Jaffé, 2012). 

We also purely love the taste.