Magical Cocoa Dust

Magical Cocoa Dust

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Cocoa Dust can transport, transform, inspire, and make dreams come true.

Its our magical specialty, made from 100% premium organic cocoa beans sourced from small family farms in the Solomon Islands. We take these beautiful beans and finely roast, crack, winnow and mill them, bringing you a new, mystical, health boosting product that produces a luscious, intense and enchanting flavor to baked goods. 

Use it to replace those processed cocoa powders, as its nutrient-dense and packs a ton of good-for-you benefits! It is truly the purest, most whole and healthy form of chocolate you can eat. 

Make your own chocolate, blend it into your smoothies, brew it into a healthy coffee alternative, add to baked goods - think moist chocolate cakes, crunchy cookies, gooey brownies, snackable bliss balls and fairy cakes!