Unroasted Cocoa Beans

Unroasted Cocoa Beans

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Make your own chocolate from scratch with our high quality unroasted cocoa beans. They also make as a delicious snack or you can use them in a number of desserts. 

Roasting is a must as it establishes the final flavour of the chocolate. We find these beans are best when roasted at temperatures between 100°C and 160°C for between twenty and thirty minutes, it depends on your oven so get experimenting. (When the beans start making a popping sound or have a strong chocolatey smell, take them out!). 

These beans are the 
Criollo variety, from the Amazon Region of Tarapoto, in the San Martin Province of northern Peru. This variety is considered to be the finest flavoured, with rounded fruit and floral notes. 

***Keep in mind that unroasted beans are a contamination hazard, and it’s important to properly handle them. Please roast before eating. We also advise cleaning and disinfecting your kitchen surface when after handling the beans.